GSA Network launches FAIR/unFAIR campaign

LGBT History Month ended yesterday, but in California, the campaign for an honest account of history in our schools has just begun.

Today, Gay-Straight Alliance Network is proud to launch a new campaign, FAIR/unFAIR, that gives students and teachers the tools they need to make sure their school is following the FAIR Education Act. As of last January, California updated its education guidelines to require that schools teach about the roles and contributions of LGBT people and people with disabilities in history and social studies lessons.
Now, it's up to students and districts to turn that law into a reality in all California schools. At the heart of the campaign is the FAIR /unFAIR survey, which allows students, teachers, and administrators to report back to GSA Network if their school is FAIR or unFAIR. That way, we can hold schools accountable and learn from implementation successes.
With GSA Network's FAIR/unFAIR toolkit, students and schools can also:
  • Download a presentation for their GSA on LGBT history and starting a campaign in their school
  • Download a presentation to show teachers and administrators about implementing the FAIR Education Act
  • Watch the "Make History" video to get inspired
  • Get LGBT lesson guides and resources 

Now, students can make sure their school follows the law and teaches an honest account of history all year round.

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