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A Note of Encouragement For Trans Youth, From Trans Youth


From the brick-throwers of Stonewall to the youth testifying about legislation that impacts them, the power of our movement is led by young people openly challenging gender roles and every other role set before us.

United Against Hate


Incidents of hate in schools are on the rise. We’ve heard this directly from youth leaders: there is a strong resurgence of racist graffiti and vandalism on school property, and an increase in harassing language and physical aggression towards LGBTQ+ youth and youth of color.

Uplifting Our Victories and Our Lives


Trans women have have historically been at the root of the women’s movement, whether recognized or not. From black and brown transwomen leading riots from Compton Cafeteria to Stonewall, it has been trans women who’ve put ourselves on the line for the liberation of all women, trans and not.

Trans and queer youth are fired up in Northern California


By Northern California Youth Council

Since the start of the  new administration, we are noticing an uptick in hate speech, threats, and violence on our communities. We know that state-sanctioned violence will have devastating impacts on trans/queer youth and we want to be proactive in preventing harm in our communities.If we feel it, then we know other trans/queer youth are feeling this stress, too.

Defending Our Identity


Non-binary gender identities have elicited a gut reaction in communities across the U.S.

Some allies who thought they fully supported the LGBTQ+ movement have found themselves on the fence when it comes to the simple but fundamental idea of gender-neutral restrooms. And when we start to talk about intersectional identities—the way in which gender identity intersects with race, sexuality, class, and immigration status—things get complicated.

Protect. Defend. Resist.


Today we are on the cusp of a new administration--the least educated, least qualified, and whitest in recent history. From the Executive branch and cabinet nominees, through a Republican controlled Legislative branch, and to the potential nominees of the Judicial branch, there is a lot in this country that will change and impact our lives in extraordinary and harmful ways. It is very easy to succumb to fear in this environment.

Honoring Dr. King: We Demand Freedom


Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a radical leader in the history of racial justice, but isn't always depicted as such. There is much irony in the way our country remembers Dr. King (a national day of remembrance, a memorial on the National Mall) because he fought some of the most fundamental structures within this nation - systemic racism and economic inequality.

What does the #MyTransBodyIs Campaign mean to you?


“Do you hate your body?” and other things adults asked me a lot when I was seventeen

The "I" Doesn't Stand for "Invisible"


October 26th is Intersex Awareness Day – marking the 20th anniversary of intersex protests outside the annual American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) conference in Boston, MA. That protest is considered the beginning of intersex activism in the U.S. and the beginning of a movement.