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Yordy's almost free

I have incredible news: GSA youth leader Yordy Cancino's credible fear request has been granted! When Yordy went before the asylum officers reconsidering his case, his lawyer had my petition, with over 3000 GSA leaders' signatures, in hand -- and the officers decided to free Yordy!

Our efforts, from delivering the petition in D.C. to rallying in L.A., played a role in that decision, but Yordy is not yet released and we are in it until the end. He still needs us.

He must raise a $7500 bond to get out of detention. Yordy's family has set up a donation page to overcome this last barrier and bring him home: Yordy turns 21 at the end of this week, and with your help, he could celebrate his birthday at home with his friends and family.

Yordy has recorded a message from detention for all of the Gay-Straight Alliance clubs and supporters who rallied behind him:


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