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A GSA leader needs you on this Day of Silence

Yordy Cancino, a queer undocumented youth, was a GSA president who organized events like GLSEN's Day of Silence at his LA high school. But on this Day of Silence, he is being held in ICE detention, not allowed to return to the home he worked so hard to make safe for all LGBTQ youth.

Yordy could be deported as early as on the Day of Silence itself. We need GSA leaders to take action NOW. Please sign this petition I started to bring him home!

I migrated to the United States at the age of three. I am far too familiar with the injustice and the struggles of undocumented youth and their families. It becomes a much more difficult situation for queer and trans* undocumented youth. For many of us, all we know is the United States. Those who have been involved with the GSA movement have worked hard to foster a community of acceptance and respect, where everyone, undocumented or not, LGBTQ or not, can feel safe.

That is what I did as a GSA leader in Lancaster, Ca. and that is what GSA Network alum and GSA President Yordy Cancino did in Los Angeles at Amino Jackie Robinson High School. Yordy, who has lived in California since he was a child, is a leader who worked to transform his high school. Unfortunately, officials in his high school did not provide him information about college opportunities, including the Dream Act that grants students in CA the right to higher education. Unable to attend college or attain a job, he returned to Mexico where he faces violence and cruelty for being gay.

Hoping to return home and escape homophobic violence, Yordy took the courageous step of placing himself into immigration custody and asking for humanitarian parole and asylum. Now, he faces deportation. After living in fear of being deported in the US, Yordy will be forced to return to a country where he’ll be in fear for his safety.

It is time to stand in solidarity with our undocumented brothers and sisters.

We call on President Obama to be a champion for all LGBTQ youth and exercise discretion in granting the asylum requests for Yordy Cancino, and the other LGBTQ immigrants seeking asylum: Edgar Alejandro Aldana (CA), Valeria De La Luz- Ramos (Liborio De La Luz Ramos)(CA), Emanuel Mejia Lopez (NC), Rocio Hernandez (NC), Felipe Molina de Jesus (NC); and all those who seek protection within our borders to come home.

Yordy should be allowed to return to the home he worked so hard to make safer for all LGBTQ youth. Yordy and fellow LGBTQ immigrants in detention are the victims of homophobia, violence, and our broken immigration policy. Yordy, like all LGBTQ immigrants in detention, deserves to come home to the United States and pursue his dreams of higher education.

Si se puede!

Mario Vasquez is the Vice-Chair on GSA Network's Board of Directors.

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