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Win Hella Prizes for YOU and your GSA Club!

We've got some swag with your GSA's name on it. All you have to do: tell us, honestly, how'd we do this year?

At the end of each school year, GSA Network asks you what worked, where you had challenges, and how GSA Network can help your GSA do even more next year.

Just fill out the survey online by June 30th and you'll be entered into a drawing to win a number of prizes!

You can also send an email to to request an electronic copy of the survey to print out for your GSA club members.

GSA Club Prizes:  
1.  $100 for your GSA!  (Use the $ for events, supplies or snacks for your meetings!)  
2.  Rainbow bracelets and buttons for everyone in your GSA!  (swag y'all!)  

Individual Prizes:  

1.  I hella <3 GSA T-shirt (5 winners!)
2.  I hella <3 GSA tote bag (5 winners!)  
3.  Rainbow bracelets and buttons (5 winners!)

Fill out the survey today!

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