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Who inspires YOU? October is LGBT History Month!

Who inspires you?

Is it Gloria Anzaldua, queer feminist Chicana theorist? Glenn Burke, the first out Major League Baseball player? RuPaul?

Monday marks the start of LGBT History Month, when we celebrate 31 LGBT icons over the 31 days of October.  And this year, it’s particularly special in California, since it’s the first LGBT History Month with the FAIR Education Act in effect.

To celebrate, we want to know: who inspires you? Write a blog post or send us a video talking about which one of this year's icons (check out the full list over at means the most to you -- and we'll post the best ones! Just email submissions to

And if you're not feeling inspired, don't worry: there are plenty of other ways to honor LGBT History Month with your GSA. One of the easiest things you can do is make an exhibit at your school using the icons from GLBT History Month.  Download the icons' pictures and bios from each day of October to create an exhibit that you post on campus such as in the library, main office, or a hallway display case.  Many GSAs work with their school to create a customized history exhibit using the materials presented on the GLBT History Month Website.

That's just one idea. Check out our full resource guide for more!

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