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If you've seen this infographic, you know GSA Network has accomplished a lot this year. And it's not just us saying that -- nonprofit experts agree.

We are so proud that GuideStar and GreatNonprofits, two organizations devoted to studying and assessing nonprofits' sustainability, efficiency, and impact, have honored GSA Network in their year-end rankings.

After consulting with experts in the field, GuideStar's Philanthropedia uncovered the top 19 LGBT nonprofits working nationally and selected Gay-Straight Alliance Network as one of the high-impact organizations on that list.

Separately, GreatNonprofits named us a 2012 Top-Rated Nonprofit, one of only 2 LGBTQ organizations to receive that honor.  We received this distinction thanks to testimony submitted by experts, donors, volunteers, and youth, such as this story:

Growing up black and gay in South Los Angeles, wasn't exactly the easiest thing to do. The GSA at my school influenced my life tremendously, I joined the GSA at a pivotal moment in my development which really helped me after i graduated. The acceptance and knowledge that the group provided me with allowed who i was on the inside to finally stand up and show himself on the outside. It inspired me to become an advocate in my community to ensure that other LGBT youth would have a voice as well as role model that looks like them.

These distinctions affirm that Gay-Straight Alliance Network is not just doing important work, but doing it incredibly well. It's a testament to our youth, our staff, our volunteers, our partner organizations, and our donors. I could not be prouder of the national GSA movement, and the work that Gay-Straight Alliance Network has done.

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