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Start Your School's GSA? CHECK!

The new school year is here and it's time to get your GSAs ready for a year of activism and fun!

Take a look at our Year Start Check List for California GSAs to see what steps you can take to get ready for the best school year your GSA has seen yet!

Update your GSA registration. Want to make sure you are receiving important announcements and info from GSA Network? Then it's time to update your GSA information! It only takes a minute to tell us who your current advisor and student leaders are. Click here to update your info with us.

Plan your school year with the 2011-2012 Year Start Calendar. Start planning for Days of Action (such as the Day of Silence), Youth Conferences, GSA Summits, Black & Latina/o History Months, Harvey Milk Day, and more. Click here to download the 2011-2012 Year Start Calendar for California.

Check out our resources. Do you need some tips, tricks, or ideas on how to build your GSA? Form coalitions with other groups? Plan the best LGBTQ History Month event ever? Our resources cover everything from new ideas for your GSA meetings to building coalitions with other student groups to planning actions and events. Download the resources you need the most from our website:

Get ready for a campaign. Want to take your GSA beyond one-time events and make lasting change at your school? GSA Network can help you with a longer-term strategy, or campaign, organized on your campus. Have a look at our Campaign Guides and contact your regional GSA Network staff member to help you get your campaign started!

Ready, set, check 'em off! We hope these materials and ideas will be useful to you as you make your school safe and accepting for everyone.

This year, we also are excited to support you with two new Resource Guides on how GSAs can take part in Black History Month (February) and Latina/o History Month (September 15 to October 15).  Be sure to check out our Resource Guides at and

Are you interested in joining your regional Youth Council? The Youth Council is a leadership program for GSA activists to get support around campaigns, actions, and events that their GSAs will organize throughout the year.  If you or a student you know would like to join the Youth Council in your region, please apply online.

Please keep in touch with a staff person in your area to help you succeed in making change in your school. If you have questions, need ideas, want a site visit or training for your GSA, or want help planning events and campaigns for change, contact your local GSA Network staff member.

We're here to help!

Amanda Harris, MPS, Northern California
(415) 552-4229

Daniel Solis, Southern California
(213) 482-4021

Victoria Benavides, Central Valley
(559) 268-2780

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