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Relief for DREAMers

This morning, President Obama announced a new policy on immigration: he is halting the deportation of many undocumented immigrant students. GSA Network welcomes and applauds this decision, which will allow as many as 1 million students to receive work authorization and stay in the country to study.

This policy will provide relief to many lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth who are eligible for the DREAM Act, along with many other immigrant student leaders who have built their lives in the United States. 

As Rachel B. Tiven, Executive Director of Immigration Equality, stated in response to the decision:

“Today’s announcement is great news for our country.  The young people who will be positively impacted are our classmates, our colleagues, our friends.  They are America’s up-and-comers: future entrepreneurs, scientists, and public servants.  I can’t wait to see their vibrant potential realized.

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