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GSA Network supporters, friends, and leaders,

On behalf of the board of this life-changing organization, I personally wanted to share that GSA Network’s founder, Carolyn Laub, will transition out as Executive Director at the end of this month. Staff, board, and youth leaders alike are thankful for Carolyn’s 16 years of service, and beyond proud to carry the mission of the organization forward.

That mission of empowering LGBTQ and ally young people to transform their schools and challenge oppression is stronger and more crucial than ever.

As you may or may not know, there is a school-to-prison pipeline for LGBTQ youth and youth of color in this country. Youth in GSA clubs are being pushed out of schools – and, through GSA Network, these same GSA leaders are at the forefront of resisting this injustice and fighting for an education and the opportunity to succeed.

Just take a look at the youth who attended our National Gathering in Minneapolis earlier this month. Through their state GSA Network, Minnesota youth leaders led the charge for an anti-bullying law that not only protects LGBTQ students from harassment in their state but ensures, through a restorative approach to school discipline, that youth won’t be suspended or expelled for standing up for themselves. GSA Network of California leaders attending the event, including out trans* athlete Pat Cordova-Goff, successfully advocated for the first state law in the country to ensure trans* youth can fully be themselves at school.

At the National Gathering, these incredible youth from across our network of 39 states came together to discuss their vision for educational, economic, and racial justice for trans* and queer youth. In the year ahead, they will each work towards this vision in their own communities while continuing to build a national youth-driven GSA movement with the power to change the country.

Carolyn’s vision and 16 years of service helped foster the movement that is blossoming today and will revolutionize tomorrow. Ben Wong will continue to serve as Interim Executive Director as the board begins to engage in an executive search.

We can’t wait for what comes next. Thank you for being part of the GSA movement.

In solidarity,

Andrew Uehling

Board chair, GSA Network

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