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Millions wear purple to stop bullying and prevent suicide

GSA Network Staff wore purple on Wednesday, October 20th as part of Spirit Day, a day to honor youth who have committed suicide after relentless anti-LGBT bullying at school. 

As staff, we are honored and privileged to work alongside LGBTQ and ally youth everyday, empowering and supporting them in their efforts to combat harassment based on actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity in schools. 

We are saddened that it took a wave of high profile youth suicides to bring this issue to the forefront, but we are pleased that much-needed attention is now being paid to the epidemic of anti-LGBT bullying and youth suicide.

We were proud to join almost 2 million people nationwide who participated in the Spirit Day.

Spirit Day was started on Facebook by Canadian teenager Brittany McMillan and spread rapidly across the country.  Spirit Day was an example of the power of youth to create change.

Spirit Day was an opportunity for all of us to start a conversation and tell folks that we can make it better for LGBT youth right now. 

Continue the conversation!

We encourage everyone - youth and adults - to keep anti-LGBT bullying at the forefront of our national conversation.  

Did you wear purple?  Make a video about your experience and add your voice to the Make It Better Project on YouTube. Learn more.

GSA Network launched the Make It Better Project to give youth and adults the tools they need to combat anti-LGBT bullying and harassment and make schools safer for LGBT youth right now.

It Gets Better when we Make It Better.


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