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Since August we've had two amazing youth join us as interns. Meet Aaron and Isobel:

 Aaron Alvarado was born and raised in the Central Valley. He first started his career of activism as Vice President for his high school GSA. In addition to that he also successfully ensured that the sex education curriculum at his high school was LGBTQ-inclusive. After serving on the GSA Network's Statewide Advocacy Council, being a youth trainer at GAYLA/QYAD, and representing California at the National Gathering of
GSA Networks, Aaron is looking to continuing his activism when he attends UC Davis this fall. He is double majoring in Nutrition Science and Philosophy and one day aspires to be a public defender. Despite not knowing what the future has in store for him Aaron wants to make sure his LGBTQ activism contributes positively to the broader racial, reproductive, and social justice movements in the United States.



Isobel Murillo is a queer activist born and raised in Palmdale of the Antelope Valley desert in Southern California. Coming out as gay (and later as genderqueer/trans) in the 9th grade, Iso noticed that there was a serious lack of community, connection, and space for queer and ally youth at hir high school. Iso decided to connect to GSA Network and start the first GSA at William J. "Pete" Knight High School. Ze went on to lead the GSA through all 4 years of high school and is *hella* excited to know that hir sister Amanda is helping lead it this school year! Iso was also effective in creating space for trans folk with the first official Antelope Valley transgender support group, which ze co-founded and co-facilitated with hir partner Cris in November 2009, and it continues to thrive under new facilitators. Isobel moved to San Francisco in July 2009 and is currently attending City College of San Francisco, where ze is studying gender, sexuality, and queer studies. Iso hopes to continue helping youth, queer folk, and more communities throughout hir activist life.

Want to join Iso and Aaron? GSA Network is accepting applications now for a GSA Events Intern, Research and Policy Intern, GSA Member Services Intern, and a New Media and Design Intern. Some of these positions are available in both our San Francisco and Los Angeles offices so be sure to check them out!

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