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Make Your GSA a White House Champion

Do you think GSA youth activists are changing the world? Yeah, we do, too -- now let's convince the White House!

The White House just announced its LGBT Pride Month Champions of Change Video Challenge, which calls for videos about "unsung heroes" working to improve the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Americans.

Sounds like you, doesn't it? That means it's time to get filming! Tell the President that GSA youth aren't just the future of activism; they are making schools, communities, and the country safer right now.


Here's how it works.  You have until Friday, May 4 to submit video entries online.  A panel will review submissions and select a group of semi-finalists.  Then, in early June, the public will have a chance to weigh in and help identify finalists that will be featured as Champions of Change at an event at the White House.

Each video should fit one or more of the following categories, some of which may be used to organize semi-finalists and finalists:

  • Storytelling (stories of coming out or overcoming adversity)
  • Culture & Identity (interesting intersections with race, national origin, religion, and disability)
  • Unsung Heroes (individuals and organizations that haven’t been recognized for their contributions)
  • The Arts (music, art, photography, poetry, and prose that inspire courage and acceptance)
  • Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation (individuals and organizations that are testing new approaches and demonstrating results)
  • Community Solutions (local initiatives that are solving local challenges)
  • Friends & Allies (family members, teachers, faith leaders, and other allies in the fight for equality)

Videos will be accepted in any form (including music video, PSA, short film, video blog, and interview) but must be no longer than 3 minutes.  Essays no longer than 750 words will also be accepted if video production is not possible.  Submissions should be creative, innovative, and inspiring and must be submitted by Friday, May 4, 2012

We can't wait to see GSA activists storm this competition, so submit your video to the White House and share your stories and ideas in the comments below.  Let's make a GSA the White House Champion of Change!

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