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Make A New Year’s Revolution

Welcome back to school GSA members! The end of one year and the beginning of a new one can be a good time to pause and reflect. We can take a moment to look back on our previous year and decide what we want to build in our next year. For GSAs, this is a great time to think about what you want to do for the rest of your school year.

A lot of people start off the New Year with resolutions.  For your GSA, this could be:

  • Get more members
  • Write a mission statement
  • Make a meeting calendar
  • Elect new officers

At GSA Network, we think these resolutions are great. And we encourage GSAs to make a New Year’s revolution. So, what is a revolution exactly?

  • Revolutions start with a few dedicated people and make lasting change.
  • Revolutions challenge existing rules or social norms.
  • Revolutions are about making long-term change at your school.

How can you make a revolution at your school?

Building a Safe School ChecklistYou can build on your resolutions to get to a larger campaign goal. But how do you know where to start? We’ve built this checklist to help you figure out what issues are important.  Click here to download the checklist and do this activity with your GSA.

On the first page of the checklist, you’ll see our Safe School House. This house has three important pieces:  the foundation, known as school policies, the walls, which are teachers and staff, and the roof, which is the students. Developing tactics targeted at each piece of the house is crucial in building a safe school. You will probably have to research the checklist items to make yourself more familiar with the policies, staff and students at your school.

Once you have your checklist filled out, talk with your GSA about which boxes are left blank and which ones you want to check off. Then, start developing your strategies for change! You can use GSA Network’s resource on Developing a Strategy to walk you through each step of your campaign including how to identify your allies, resources and intended impacts.

Don’t be discouraged if you meet resistance. The greatest revolutionaries of our time, including Gandhi, Sylvia Rivera, Martin Luther King, Jr., Bayard Rustin and Harvey Milk, faced many challenges and didn’t give up. Remember to ask for help from your GSA members, peers and adult allies. The change you seek is possible!

Read more about strategies and campaigns to change your school at

Remember, GSA Network is here to help!

GSA Network's staff are able to help you identify your goals and to build your GSA’s strategy.

Find a GSA Network in your state by checking out our National Association of GSA Networks.

Live in California? Regional staff members are available to visit your GSA during your GSA meetings or after school.

 Request a site visit online!

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Amanda Harris, MPS
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Here’s to your GSA revolution in 2012!

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