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For LGBT History Month, Demand the Education You Deserve!

Lady GagaAside from blasting “Born This Way” over your PA system for today’s LGBT History Month icon, Lady Gaga, we have a few ideas for how you can celebrate LGBT History Month AND make it better in your school!

Constance McMillenOn October 24th, the LGBT History Month icon is Constance McMillen, the Mississippi student who made headlines with her fight to bring her girlfriend to prom. Constance showed that young people have the power to create change – so celebrate her day by spreading the message that young people can make it better!

On Monday, October 24th, hold an event in your school celebrating the work of youth activists! Set up a display in your hallway, create a Make It Better video, screen the “icon” videos posted by Equality Forum – or use the resources below to launch a new campaign to include LGBTQ history in your classes!

Campaigns & Resources

Do you want to hear young people speak up about the complicated world of gender and sexuality?  What about hearing the voices of adults who witnessed and shaped LGBTQ history?  Think you and your peers don’t hear enough of these unique voices at school?  We’ve got two resources that will bring these voices into your school loud and clear: “Straightlaced” and “Unheard Voices”.  They’re some of our favorite new resources that will spark classroom discussions on LGBTQ issues, gender, and diversity.

Kye AllumsYour state may not have passed a law that requires teachers to include LGBTQ subjects in school, but you can still demand the education you deserve.  There are many teachers out there who care and who want to know about these resources.  Click here for information on how to start this discussion with your teachers along with a list of awesome resources that you can share with them today!

If you’re in California, you’re protected by the new FAIR Education Act, which requires history and social studies teachers to integrate LGBTQ-inclusive and disability-inclusive subjects into their lessons.  Your teachers may not know about the new law and/or all the available resources—but you can educate them today! Just check out GSA Network’s LGBTQ resources and YO! Disabled & Proud resources for Disability History Week.

Don’t feel safe advocating for LGBTQ-inclusive lessons at school?  Educate yourself! School isn’t the only place to get an education…don’t let uninformed adults control what you do or don’t learn.  Make it happen for your GSA, for your friends or even for yourself.  Plus, what’s especially cool is that Unheard Voices is totally FREE and you can stream Straightlaced for only $4.99! 

Happy LGBTQ History month, y’all!  Have fun with these kick-ass resources made especially for your celebration, education and appreciation of LGBTQ History month! 

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