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Lead Your School's Celebration for Women's History Month!

It’s March, which means schools and communities everywhere are celebrating Women's History Month – and there's no better year for GSAs to step in and lead these efforts! Now that the FAIR Education Act has gone into effect, school social studies classes are required to teach the historical contributions of LGBT and people with disabilities. Since social movements don’t exist in a vacuum, this is a great opportunity to explore the role of LGBT people in women’s history!

Use this time to educate your school about the historical contributions of LBT women and ask your social studies teachers to do the same. Highlight women of the past, such as painter Frida Kahlo or social work founder Jane Addams. But you don't have to stop at the past! Learn about how LBT women are working for change today, such as author and activist Kate Bornstein and politician Evelyn Mantilla. To learn more about LBT women from the past and present, visit the LGBT History Month website for a full icon search. You can also check out this cool zine from GLSEN on women's history.

To get started, here arome activities you and your GSA can do to celebrate LBT women:

  • Advocate for your teachers to discuss queer women's achievements in class.
  • Research and celebrate tons of cool LBT women icons such as: Audre Lorde, Jane Addams, Dorothy Allison, Jewelle Gomez, Sylvia Rivera, Gloria Anzaldua, Josephine Baker, Ellen DeGeneres, Cherrie Moraga, Joan Jett, Urvashi Vaid, Kate Bornstein, Frida Kahlo, Kaia Wilson, Carla Trujillo, Sheryl Swoopes, Paula Gunn Allen, Evelyn Mantilla, Barbara Smith, Judith Butler, Pat Griffin, Christine Jorgensen, and more.
  • Make posters of these icons and display them at your school.
  • Invite speakers to your school who can talk about LBT women's history.
  • Organize discussions on the current events and issues related to LBT women that demonstrate how homophobia, transphobia, and sexism affect their lives today.
  • Share your thoughts and what you are doing to celebrate LBT women as part of Women's History Month with us through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!

LBT women have been part of every social movement in history, paving the way for social justice and freedoms for all. Be sure to take stock of all of the amazing LBT women in our past and thank the LBT women activists in your life today.

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