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GSAs and Safe, Healthy Communities

When Soul Shoppe asked GSA Network to lead a workshop at the Third Annual Substance Abuse & Violence Policy Conference in Ontario, we jumped at the opportunity. 

If you’re wondering how GSA clubs fit into the conference, LGBT youth leaders are crucial to this work. Our workshop, “GSAs as a Pipeline to Safety and Wellness,” made the importance of queer youth leadership clear to a broad audience of youth, parents, teachers, administrators, providers, law enforcement, and other community stakeholders.  With the great work we have been doing around the school-to-prison pipeline and the new research brief we debuted earlier this month, this was a perfect opportunity to educate the 60+ member audience on laws protecting GSAs, LGBT youth, and allies and demonstrate how GSAs can be used to not only change a school environment, but an entire community.

Even though the school year just wound down, doesn’t mean that making your school and community safer and healthier takes a vacation, too.  Workshop attendees walked away with tools to change there schools as students, teachers, and other allies – and so can you!  Find out how you can make a plan to change your school.

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