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GSA Leadership, South Florida Style

Last year, GSA Network took on its first federal grant to launch the Safe & Healthy LGBT Youth Project, giving us the opportunity to work directly with organizations in places like Broward County, Florida.  Florida has a long and strong history of fighting for equality with organizations like Equality Florida, a member of the National Association of GSA Networks, at the forefront. In fact, because of the diligent work of community partners, the Florida GSA Network is growing leaps and bounds as new GSAs are forming and thriving all over the state!

On Tuesday, we took summit favorites “How to Have a Kick-Ass GSA,” which is a staple for all GSAs big or small, and “Fighting the Gender Binary” which primes GSAs to be inclusive of transgender and gender non-conforming youth while also prepping them for advocacy.  Two youth leaders from California, K. Boucher and Ray Ferronato, shared our peer-to-peer training model with over 75 youth from all over Broward County.  Simultaneously, Northern California Program Coordinator Amanda Harris shared the GSA Network Ally and Advisor Institute with one dozen GSA advisors.

Broward County is not new to leadership summits, but this year was the first time that Equality Florida, Sunserve, Safe Schools South Florida, and the Broward County School District partnered directly with GSA Network.  Hosted at the affirming Sunshine Cathedral, youth and advisors left feeling energized, inspired, and ready to change their schools.

Many thanks to the hospitality of the local community partners who made this summit possible. And thanks South Florida for the great weather and a successful summit!

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