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We know you all are amazing leaders. But what about us? We want to hear what your GSA has to say about OUR work this past year. Tell us how we did by filling out our Year-End Survey!

Yes, you read that correctly. We want YOU to evaluate US. This is your chance to tell GSA Network program staff how we did, what we need to do better, and how your GSA is transforming your school and community. How did your GSA work out this year?  What can we do to help your GSA next year? Every spring, GSA Network asks you to fill out a survey on what worked, where you had challenges, and how we can help. Fill out our survey by June 30th and your GSA will be entered into a drawing to win $100 for your GSA to have an event, take a field trip, or get snacks for your meetings.

You may be asking yourself--Why you should take the time to fill out the survey? Well, here is a list of wonderful reasons to spend your time filling out the GSA Network Year End Survey:

1. GSAs rock! And we cannot wait to hear about all the amazing campaigns and activities you are doing to make your school a safer place for all students.

2. We care what you have to say. We care enough to tell you to evaluate us.

3. GSAs do tough, on-the-ground work. We want to make sure we are supporting you and your GSA in becoming successful in reaching your goals and actualizing your mission.

Angelica Valencia, a junior and GSA president for Tulare Union High School, shares how one of GSA Network’s programs empowered her to be a better leader.

“GAYLA opened my eyes to a whole new community and support that I didn’t know was out there. Not only did I learn my rights as a student and all the laws that are out there that are not being implemented, but I also learned how much power we as youth actually have. I have never had such a supportive environment where my eyes were opened and my voice mattered. I am a better leader because of this opportunity and program.”

What is your story? Share it with us on the survey!

4. If you fill out the survey, you may win $100 for your GSA. Enough said.

5. Filling out the survey means you are a superstar! So don’t waste your time. Fill it out now.

Be a superstar and fill out the survey before June 30th:

We cannot wait to hear your feedback. If you would like to request an electronic copy of the Year End Survey for 2011-2012 academic year to print, please email   And when you are done with the survey, take a look at our GSA Activist Camp scheduled for the summer. Click here to apply to GSA Activist Camps! We look forward to reading your feedback on the survey!

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