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Get To Know Your (New!) Board Members: Trio Harris

Hello! My name is Trio Harris and I am a senior at Carlsbad High School, but I’m introducing myself to you as one of the newest members on the Gay-Straight Alliance Network Board of Directors! As a grassroots youth leadership organization, GSA Network always has a mix of adults and youth activists on its Board.  I live for activism, so I was ecstatic to find out my application to the Board had been accepted.

I met many of my fellow Board members at the 2011 GAYLA/ Queer Youth Advocacy Day. These included veteran members Isaiah Baiseri, G! Pe Benito and Benji Delgadillo, as well as the other new Board members: Indie Landrum, Keanan Gottlieb, Emily Coffin, and Sam Alavi. GAYLA inspired me to get more involved in GSA Network, as I was able to make new friends from all over California. One of my favorite parts about GAYLA was how I felt right at home with my peers. Everyone got along so well and a sense of community was built in the first day. GAYLA introduced me to brave people who opened my eyes and challenged me to think outside of the box. I would really advise any and all activists to apply for GAYLA! Having the ability to talk to Senators and Assemblymembers from my district made me feel that my voice mattered.

Now that I’m joining the Board of Directors for GSA Network, I look forward to meeting new people who, like myself, want to make schools safer for every student by fighting homophobia and transphobia. I am excited to build new relationships with people who live outside of my community so that I have knowledge and connections when I venture out in the world. As a Board Member, I’ll be able to participate in key organizational decisions, plan the organization’s strategy, and help make sure that youth remain at the heart of everything GSA Network does. Experiences like GAYLA were the driving force behind my decision to apply for the GSA Network Board of Directors and, now that I’m on the Board, I can’t wait to help bring that experience to other youth!

Trio Harris is a senior at Carlsbad High School and is his school’s current GSA president. He recently joined the GSA Network Board of Directors.

Trio is pictured above at GAYLA at the office of Assemblymember Toni Atkins. Clockwise from the left is Melinda Miceli, Trio Harris, GSA Network Staff Member Hilary Burdge, Assemblymember Toni Atkins, Transgender Law Center's Kristina Wertz, GSA Network Board Member Indie Landrum, Justine Wilm and GSA Network Board Member Keanan Gottlieb.


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