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California ranks a dismal 49th in the nation in per pupil spending.  Even then, some California schools receive far less funding than others serving more affluent students.

Our schools don’t have the funding to give students a fair shot at graduating and succeeding. Or, in the words of Sora, a 9th grade student and GSA leader at Mount Diablo High School:

I come from a background of low income and English language learners. I know that my school isn't one of the wealthier schools in my district. I've seen in multiple classrooms blue paper notices saying that most of the supplies used in that classroom have been personally used by the teacher. And when the teacher can’t afford to buy other necessary supplies, the students are left to buy them for themselves. That’s not easy when you’re low income and living check to check. My parents drop me off at school knowing that I go so I can get an education so I can have a future. How can I get a good education when my school doesn't even pay for most of the supplies? We use outdated books and yet friends of mine that I know at the Rainbow Center and that go to better schools tell me stories of how they’re getting iPads for a class when my school can’t even afford to buy white boards to replace the old chalk boards! This is why I came today to the state’s capitol because I see that richer schools get better funding while schools like mine don't even have the necessary supplies to teach their students! Would you rather be set up to fail? Or set up to be successful? I am not only here for me, I am here for my family and community and the generations after me! Because I’m the product of a crappy funding system and it’s time for change!

But right now we have an historic opportunity to ensure all students have equal access to funding and to invest in high need students in a rational, coherent way.  Sora and 200 others were in Sacramento for the Campaign for Quality Education's May Day of Action (pictured above), advocating for Governor Brown's Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) proposal.

Support these students by signing and sharing their petition asking the government to approve LCFF before their June 15th budget deadline! 

A day of action

For several years, GSA Network and the Campaign for Quality Education (CQE) coalition have been organizing our communities and advocating at the Capitol to achieve educational equity for all students in California’s public schools.

At the end of May, we worked with the Rainbow Community Center in Central Contra Costa County for the annual CQE May Day of Action, where Sora, Danielle (in video above), and other GSA youth shared their stories in support of Governor Brown’s Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) proposal. LCFF will provide school districts with much-needed additional dollars to help them educate students with high needs such as low-income students, English learners (EL), and students in foster care. Given the high percentage of these students who make up the LGBT youth population in California, we were proud to have GSA youth share their powerful stories with Governor Brown’s office, Assembly Speaker Pérez’s office and Senate Education Committee Chair Senator Carol Liu.

LCFF brings to light the inequities and disparities of the current system in California, which are well documented and should no longer be tolerated. Its approach improves transparency and accountability, while finally providing schools the flexibility to design programs to meet the needs of students in every district.

Signed the petition already, and want to do more? Tweet to your legislators TODAY!

Use ANY of the following TWITTER messages AND handles which put forth our CQE coalition values and principles and bring strong assurances in education funding policy no matter what LCFF version is passed.

@SpeakerPerez: All CA students deserve an education that prepares for college & careers, no matter income, language #WheresOurFuture #LCFF

1. Don’t water down #LCFF. Keep equity, keep weighted formula, keep concentration grants #EquityNow
2. All CA students deserve an education that prepares for college & careers, no matter income, language #WheresOurFuture #LCFF
3. #LCFF in this budget! #WheresOurFuture Equitable funding for low-income, EL and foster youth is best for CA #EquityNow

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