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Friends, Funds... Fabulous!

How do you make a beautiful design showroom even more fabulous? Fill it with Gay-Straight Alliance Network’s fabulous supporters!

On May 31st, more than 300 advocates and supporters of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth gathered at the De Sousa Hughes Showroom in the San Francisco Design Center for the second annual Fabulous By Design, which raised over $100,000 to support GSA Network’s programs.  With highlights from the evening such as moving speeches by two GSA youth leaders and auctioning off a trip to the Emmy’s, the night was a celebration of our movement, our youth, and our work to make schools safer for all students.

For LGBT people and allies, celebrating our community is key. As Ray Ferronato, a junior at Antioch High School, told the crowd:

“My life saving moment happened at 3:05 in room 701 when I walked into my first GSA meeting and was immediately a part of this family. I never knew such a large community of people like me existed: people who have dealt with problems similar to mine, who are there to comfort me and support me. GSA Network has provided me with strength, and I will be forever indebted to them. “

I am so proud of Ray and youth activists like him. And I am so grateful for the community of supporters who make these life-saving clubs possible.

Thank you to everyone who shared that wonderful evening with us, from folks new to GSA Network’s community to the dedicated supporters who served on our Host Committee, who helped put together the auction, and who donated their time and energy to make the event a success.  We are so grateful for the support from our Presenting Sponsors, Genentech and Kaiser Permanente.  We also want to thank Southwest, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Gay Cities, Transgender Law Center, Equality California, and Our Family Coalition for sponsoring Fabulous By Design.

Sam Alavi, GSA President at Aragon High School and one of the many young people who has emerged from our programs a fierce and fabulous leader, said it best in her speech that evening:

“GSA Network has truly changed my life. My confidence has grown, as well as my love for activism and desire to change the world. Working with GSA Network has taken me to places like the steps of the State Capitol, the offices of many state senators and assembly members, and even to the White House to meet President Obama. I have been inspired to broaden my scope of social justice and I’ve helped to start a non-profit organization of my own. I have grown so much as a person and activist over the past few years and I can give GSA Network all the credit.  Thank you all for supporting GSA Network and youth activists like me.”

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