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Developing GSA Leaders in Missouri

Last month, Clayton High School hosted the 2012 Missouri GSA Leadership Summit in St Louis. This day of leadership development was a great first step in work that is starting by the newly formed Missouri GSA Network.

Over 30 middle school, high school, and college Gay-Straight Alliances were represented for this youth-driven and interactive day of workshops and networking. The summit included big group activities to broaden students’ understanding of the state of the Missouri, build leadership skills and plan goals for the school year.

The GSA summit connected young people through common interests and experiences. It was very interesting to observe the differences that students from each school and area have, and how they use their knowledge and experience to help each other through different problems.

The 25 breakout workshops covered issues including: gender nonconformity, STD and STI prevention, bystander prevention training, sexual health and healthy relationships, suicide prevention trainings, building and maintaining a strong GSA in school, adult allyship, and much more. The diverse topics offered in the breakout sessions gave everyone a chance to learn and network together and take back what was needed to their schools.

The day was powerful. It was an event we at MO GSA Network are very proud of because it empowered students with tools to take leadership through information, understanding, gaining resources and even building friendships.

The Missouri GSA Network is so thankful to the board of students and adults working together who made this event possible. We are looking forward to more opportunities for leadership development and growth in the statewide network. Missouri is excited to be a part of the National Association of GSA Networks and learn from all the other statewide networks around the country as we do this work together.

Most importantly, we welcome all students in Missouri to reach out to us! Register your GSA at:

All the good stuff,

Sarah Casteel, student
Morgan Keenan, MO GSA Network

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