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It's time to deliver for Yordy

Last week, I started a petition to release Yordy Cancino, a former GSA leader and undocumented youth, from ICE detention.

Next week, I’m delivering that petition to the President of the United States.

It's intimidating, but I'm doing this action with GSA Network, Immigrant Youth Coalition, and National Queer Trans Latin@ Alliance because Yordy is one of many undocumented youth leading GSA clubs and making schools safer across the country. As GSAs for justice, we cannot give up on any our members.

Please sign and share the petition so that, when I stand in front of the White House, I can tell the President that 4000 #GSAs4Justice stand with me!

I migrated to the United States at the age of three. I am far too familiar with the injustice and the struggles of undocumented youth and their families. It becomes a much more difficult situation for queer and trans* undocumented youth. For many of us, all we know is the United States.

Those who have been involved with the GSA movement have worked hard to foster a community of acceptance and respect, where everyone, undocumented or not, LGBTQ or not, can feel safe. That is what I did as a GSA leader in Lancaster, CA and that is what GSA Network alum and GSA President Yordy Cancino did in Los Angeles.

Now Yordy is not allowed to return to the home he worked so hard to make safer for all LGBTQ youth. ICE has made up excuse after excuse to delay Yordy’s case and keep him in detention. I think they’re hoping we’ll forget about him. But Yordy’s family, supporters, and GSAs from his hometown of Los Angeles won't let that happen.

On Thursday, April 24th, the same day I’m at the White House, they’ll be in front of the federal ICE building in Los Angeles, delivering the petition there and holding a rally to demand justice for Yordy and all undocumented youth.

If you’re in LA, please join the 4pm rally – visit the Facebook event and contact Alex De Leon at for more.

We must show President Obama and ICE how much our immigrant GSA peers mean to this country. We must deliver 4000 #GSAs4Justice signatures for Yordy. Please share the petition:

  • post it to your GSA's page
  • ask members to sign at a meeting
  • share the link with your former GSA friends
  • tweet us @GSANetwork #GSAs4Justice about how you are spreading the word to #FreeYordy
  • share it with other clubs and local groups that value the leadership of youth in GSAs!

Meet Yordy:

Mario Vasquez is a GSA alum from California's Antelope Valley and the Vice-Chair of GSA Network's Board of Directors.

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