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Celebrate Black History Month

The stories and contributions of Black LGBTQ people often go unheard and unseen. Exploring the intersections of these identities is necessary to advance our movements towards justice. It is also important to learn from those who have been a part of the movement for decades; Black LGBTQ people have been at the forefront of both the civil rights and LGBTQ rights movements. In an effort to elevate the voices and visibility of our collective history, GSAs throughout the country can celebrate Black History Month throughout February. 

If your school doesn't have a Black History Month celebration, organize with your GSA to start an official Kelly, Geoffrey, and Miss Majorcommemoration at your school. Work with administration and staff, student groups, and others to ensure the lives of LGBTQ Black historical figures are included in your school's activities.    
For a list of ideas of activities you can do at your school during Black History Month, visit GSA Network's webpage on Blacked OUT History.
Some of the activities listed on the page include:   
Invite speakers to your school who can talk about LGBTQ Black history.
Organize discussions on the current events related to LGBTQ Black folks that demonstrate how homophobia, transphobia, and racism affect their lives today.
Highlight local LGBTQ Black people who have given back to your community.
Screen a film like Brother Outsider, which documents the life of Civil Rights leader Bayard Rustin. 
Create an LGBTQ Black History Timeline and display it in your school.   
For more information on the lives and contributions by Black LGBTQ folks to our social movements and organizations serving Black LGBTQ populations, visit these links:

Organizations & Community Projects
TGI Justice Project 

Picture Project
Queer People of Color Conference 2012
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