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Bye bye Prop 8

Today, the Supreme Court threw out DOMA and restored the freedom to marry in California.  Or, in the words of my 21-month-old daughter:

We can all celebrate that. Remembering the intense hostility GSA youth faced during the Prop 8 battle, it’s a relief and a joy to finally close that painful chapter of California’s history. More youth can now dream about starting a family and a future with someone they love.

But let's be clear. The post-DOMA, post-Prop 8 world is not all equality and justice (and puppies). Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth across the country continue to face unsafe and underfunded school environments that threaten their ability to graduate.  

And today's decision came after a disastrous ruling yesterday to gut the Voting Rights Act, a protection from the Civil Rights movement that affected everything from local school board elections to the Presidency. By inviting laws that suppress voters of color, transgender voters, and voters whose first language is not English, that decision could set LGBT youth and our country back decades.

While celebrating today’s decision, GSA Network will continue to push for change, whether in the classroom or the voting booth or the halls of Congress.  This historic day will drive us forward as we strive for all young people to have the chance to dream and succeed.

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