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BULLY: In theatres nationwide now!

You've heard about BULLY, the movie that, through personal stories, sheds light on the emotional and physical toll of bullying. Tons of people - and we encourage you to join them - will see the movie when it opens nationwide this weekend.

But what comes next? What will you do after watching Kelby, a 16-year-old lesbian, face harassment from teachers and students alike? After watching Ja'Meya, a 14-year-old girl who suffers years of bullying, pull out a gun to scare off her tormenters - and then face life in prison?

GSA Network has partnered with BULLY to translate this powerful film into concrete action. Our BULLY campaign guide helps you establish local policies to combat bullying without relying on harmful punitive discipline.

As BULLY devastatingly shows, school staff, policies, and culture are key to the spread - or interruption - of bullying. Simply singling out and punishing young "bullies" through harsh discipline or zero tolerance does not solve the problem. In fact, students like Ja'Meya - acting out after their own harassment is ignored and marginalized - often suffer most from punitive discipline policies, which disproportionately target students of color, low-income students, students with disabilities, and LGBT students.

We need to make it better, and that starts with local non-discrimination policies that foster a climate of safety and respect, not of fear and punishment, for ALL students.

Take your friends and family to see BULLY this weekend, and join the nationwide conversation on keeping our schools safe.

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