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Activist Camp

"School prepares you for Activist Camp.  Activist Camp prepares you for life."
 - NorCal Activist Camp participant

Summer means Activist Camp for many of our GSA youth leaders in California. But starting this year, you -- no matter where you are -- can catch a glimpse of this inspiring event! We posted resources, discussions, highlights, and inspiring pictures from NorCal Activist Camp as it happened over at Twitter, tumblr, and Facebook, and we'll do it again for SoCal/Central Valley Camp on August 10th.

NorCal Activist Camp wrapped up Sunday after a jam-packed weekend of anti-oppression workshops, training on legal rights, strategizing about coalition-building, and lunchtime conversations about body positivity.

Why such a focus on coalition-building and educational justice? The youth trainers reminded us: "Because LGBT people have all types of backgrounds and identities, the GSA movement must fight for social justice for everyone in order to succeed."

With that spirit, the youth created and discussed a DIY Museum of Oppression and Resistance, examining the struggles of a range of different marginalized groups in America. Check out the exhibits over at Tumblr.

The night before camp started, youth trainer Ray Ferronato shared his goal for the weekend: "I just hope I make an impact on someone and help them be a better person and activist." Congrats, Ray -- you did just that!

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