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ACTION ALERT: Prevent Suicide - Make It Better NOW

LGBT youth should not have to suffer through bullying at school. We can Make It Better NOW! 

Columnist Dan Savage launched "It Gets Better," a video message in response to recent youth suicides to tell LGBT youth that life gets better after high school. 

The Make It Better Project takes this one step further, giving youth the tools they need to make schools better now! 

Through our website and YouTube channel, youth and adults can work together to make schools safer for LGBT youth right now.  

Watch this video to see what Isaiah and G, two LGBT youth leaders, are doing to Make It Better in their schools right now. 

Here's What You Can You Do to Make It Better Now! 

1. Make a video! Tell the world what you are doing to fight homophobia and transphobia in school! 

Learn how to create a Make It Better video

Upload your video to YouTube and email the link to 

We'll add it to the Make It Better Project on YouTube 

2. Join the Make It Better Project! 

Join the Week of Action, get resources to change your school, and more at: 

3. Support youth leaders working to Make It Better right now! 

Donate to the Make It Better Project 

We aren't waiting until high school is over for our lives to get better... 

We are taking action now! Join us! Spread the word! 

The Make It Better Project 

The Make it Better Project is sponsored by Gay-Straight Alliance Network 

The Make It Better Project is endorsed by: 

Our Family Coalition 
Safe Schools Coalition 
San Francisco LGBT Center 
Transgender Law Center 
Youth Pride, Inc. 

If your organization would like to endorse the Make It Better Project, email your logo to


How to Make a Video: 

Make a video and upload it to YouTube. It's easy! If your new to making videos, there are several instructional videos on YouTube that will show you how. 
Email the link to: 

Why Make a Video? 

High school and middle school don't have to be terrible! Schools should be safe for everyone. We can stop anti-LGBT bullying and LGBT youth suicides right now. Inspire others to take action by sharing what you are doing! Let current LGBT students know they don't have to wait till they graduate to be happy. Youth have the power to change their schools and their lives now. 

What to include in your video: 

Tell the world what you are doing to MAKE IT BETTER! 

Are you a youth, adult, teacher, parent, friend, activist, donor, artist, or person who is doing something to Make It Better right now? 

Send a positive, encouraging message describing how you are: 
-- Starting or involved in a Gay-Straight Alliance or similar group? 
-- Fighting slurs like "that's so gay"? 
-- Improving your school's policies on bullying and harassment? 
-- Sticking up for your LGBTQ friends? 
-- Supporting an LGBTQ young person in your family? 
-- Calling on Congress to pass the Student Non-Discrimination Act or the Safe Schools Improvement Act? 
-- Donating to causes like the Make It Better Project? 

Or did you do these things in the past and they made it better at your school? Tell your story about what worked. 

Tell us who you are and what you are doing! We Want To Hear Your Voice! Every action - big or small - can Make It Better. 

The Make It Better Project



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