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Act now for school success!

Did you know that a single suspension in 9th grade doubles the odds a student won't graduate -- and that LGBT youth are 1.4 times more likely to be suspended than their straight peers?

Or that many transgender students are not able to participate in classes required for graduation, like PE, just because of who they are?

We're working on two bills that will make sure ALL students can fully participate and succeed in school. Join us and take action now!

The first bill, AB 420, will limit the use of "willful defiance" as a reason to suspend or expel students. Around 40% of suspensions involve "willful defiance," a vague, subjective category that's been used to punish everything from a gender nonconforming student breaking the dress code to a lesbian student holding her girlfriend's hand. Suspension takes students away from valuable learning time, making it more difficult for youth to succeed in class and stay in school.

The second bill, AB 1266, will ensure schools understand their responsibility to allow transgender students to fully participate in all school activities, programs, and facilities. In many cases, transgender students are currently prevented from participating in activities, including classes required for graduation, as themselves.

Call members of the Assembly Education committee before the hearing on April 17th and ask them to support AB 420 and AB 1266.

All students, including LGBTQ students, should have the opportunity to fully participate and succeed in school!

Assembly Education Committee members:

Joan Buchanan, Chair (D-Alamo)
Capitol Office: 916.319.2016
District Office: 925.328.1515  

Kristin Olsen, Vice-Chair (R-Modesto)
Capitol Office: 916.319.2012
District Office: 209.576.6425             

Nora Campos (D-San Jose)
Capitol Office: 916.319.2027
District Office: 408.277.1220

Rocky Chavez (R-Oceanside)
Capitol Office: 916.319.2076
District Office: 760.929.7998   

Adrin Nazarian (D-Van Nuys)
Capitol Office: 916.319.2046
District Office: 818.376.4246

Shirley Weber (D-San Diego)
Capitol Office: 916.319.2079
District Office: 619.462.7878  

Das Williams (D-Santa Barbara)
Capitol Office: 916.319.2037
District Office: 805.564.1649

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