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Have you ever campaigned for something at your school -- and wished GSAs across the state could join you? Or have you wanted to build community with other GSAs, but not known how you could support them?

Now there's a way: GSA Network Unite! Our new platform allows you to start campaigns across schools and join in solidarity with other GSAs across the state -- and even across the country.

GSA Network Unite! is simple to use. Just click "Start a Campaign" and create a petition about something you want to change in your school, district, or community. Follow the instructions to share the petition and gain support, and then we'll follow up with everything you need to keep the campaign going.

If you want to support your district's transgender students, we even have one campaign that's ready to go: Support All Students. Petition your school board to implement California's new School Success and Opportunity Act (AB 1266) so that ALL students can fully participate and succeed in school.

Start a campaign today and build the GSA movement at

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