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Kickstarting the Alumni Program

Hey all you GSA alumni! Remember those fond memories of your GSA? Wishing there was some way you could stay involved, even though you’d graduated? Well, we’ve got some good news.

Introducing… the GSA Network Alumni Program!

I arrived at GSA Network in August as our Alumni Program Associate and hit the ground running to form the program, thanks to our amazing funders the Irvine Foundation and Horizons Young Professionals For Equality.  We’ve pulled together an Alumni Advisory Board, welcoming 11 alumni from former GSAs across California and from graduation years spanning from 2001 to 2013. The Alumni Advisory Board held its first meeting on October 23rd, where alumni shared their excitement to re-involve themselves in GSA Network and support current GSA members in high schools across California.  

Just a month later, we put that excitement into action. On November 23rd, the GSA Network San Francisco office hosted 7 alumni from the Central Valley and Northern California for a training on how to support current GSAs through site visits. The alumni spent the day laughing, learning, and sharing their experiences in GSAs. Soon, those alumni will bring their energy to supporting current GSA clubs in high schools near them.

But we haven’t even had our best kickoff event yet. On Saturday, December 14th, we’re holding our first GSA Network alumni mixer during the Youth Empowerment Summit. Come on out and re-live the amazing memories from your GSA and find out how to get re-involved with GSA Network. Contact me with any questions or ideas for this amazing program: Watu Poe,, (415) 375-4043.

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