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50,000 Strong


Earlier this week, we asked folks to make it better for LGBT and allied youth in Tennessee by signing this petition

As of today, over 50,000 people have signed. 

Thank you. This is incredible. There's no way that the Monroe County Sheriff's Department can ignore 50,000Chris Sigler emails demanding an investigation of a principal's alleged assault of a student for wearing a pro-GSA shirt. And there is no way that the Monroe County School District can ignore 40,000 emails demanding that they Make It Better NOW for LGBT and allied youth.

It's clear there's no bounds to what your activism can accomplish. So let's take this national.

Film a letter to all principals in America expressing the importance of Gay-Straight Alliance clubs, explaining why they should and must support GSA clubs for the benefit of ALL students in their schools. Did you or do you have a GSA club in your high school? If you did, how did it help? If you didn't, what difference would it have made?

It also doesn't hurt to mention that it's the law -- under the Federal Equal Access Act, students have the right to form a Gay-Straight Alliance club in public schools that allow other extra-curricular clubs.

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