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15 Fabulous Years

This year, GSA Network celebrated 15 years of empowering LGBTQ youth, training youth leaders, and creating a GSA movement that is advocating for equality and steadily changing the nation. We marked this milestone in our organization’s history earlier this fall at our anniversary event, Fabulous by Design: Fifteen & Fabulous, in San Francisco with nearly 300 supporters and youth leaders. It was remarkable to see many of GSA Network’s key supporters and sponsors standing side-by-side with youth leaders who have transformed their schools and are on their way to transform our country.

Taiyana Murray and Ashton Lee, our two youth speakers for the October 24 event, shared their personal stories of struggle, self-realization, and empowerment. Both Murray and Lee have been trained by GSA Network and now lead their own trainings, travel to conferences, and represent LGBTQ youth before the California state government. Our youth empowerment model has transformed the lives of more than 15,000 youth such as Murray and Lee over the past 15 years. At Fabulous by Design: Fifteen & Fabulous, it was clear that these youth had empowered our supporters to continue to give and to love GSA Network.

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