Best of the Bay 2012: Best Superfriends

The "It Gets Better" campaign may get all a lot of press when it comes to encouraging queer teens to hang in there in the face of bullying and fear, and not succumb to depression. But there's an amazing organization that, for the past 14 years, has been working to empower teens to make it better right now. (It even recently launched the Make It Better Project to directly involve teens in making schools safer for LGBTQ peers.) The Gay Straight Alliance Network started in San Francisco and has grown into a hugely popular global entity, uniting queer and questioning teens and straight allies in the fight against homophobia through classroom interaction and school activities. Last year's Northern California GSA youth conference trained hundreds of young activists to help teachers comply with California's new FAIR Education act, which requires schools to include factual information about gay people in existing social studies lessons. These brave kids don't want to wait to move toward acceptance.

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