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Gay Youth Become Movement’s Ambassadors

The half-dozen lobbyists who crowded into a lawmaker's office here recently didn't come bearing campaign cash or votes to swap.  Instead, they recounted tales of high school torment as fresh as their faces. Ignacio Pitalua, 19, spoke about having a trash can dumped on him by other boys who suspected he was gay.

"It's a big obstacle to learning," Pitalua said, pressing Assemblyman Curren Price to co-sponsor a bill that sets specific requirements for schools to stem anti-gay discrimination.

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Gay-Straight Alliance Club Growth In California High Schools

BARSTOW - While part of the Barstow High School student body ate lunch on Friday, a new club met in a classroom. About 25 students socialized, complained about parents, compared iPods and cell phones and planned T-shirts, fund-raisers and community service - men and women, freshmen through seniors, and the word "gay" was only mentioned once.

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Gay-Straight Alliance Defends Marriage Equality

On March 25, the Gay-Straight Alliance club at a San Francisco public high school, International Studies Academy (ISA), defended marriage equality in the face of possible student and parent protestors. Student members of the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) club did a presentation supporting marriage equality as part of a school spirit rally. The presentation featured a lesbian couple, gay male couple and straight interracial couple dressed in wedding attire.

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San Francisco Bay Times

GSAs more common in high schools: Focus on safety helps ease coming-out process

National Coming Out Day is having a greater presence on high school campuses these days. As with Transgender Day of Remembrance and the National Day of Silence, many high school gay-straight alliances (GSAs) observe National Coming Out Day in hopes of educating faculty and students about the importance of GLBT students’ safety on campus.

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Gay and Lesbian Times

Education is key in transgender cases

This week, the Gwen Araujo murder trial was declared a mistrial because the jury could not decide whether the three defendants were guilty of first- or second-degree murder. According to the Alameda County district attorney's office, none of the jurors was willing to settle for the lesser offense of manslaughter -- despite efforts by defense attorneys in the case to argue that Gwen Araujo's killers were somehow justified because she did not disclose her transgender identity to them.

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San Francisco Chronicle Open Forum

Guest Viewpoint: View Gay-Straight Alliance clubs as partners

12/10/02 - Julie Silva was determined. The enthusiastic and intense 17-year-old had decided in May 2001 to start a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) club at Clovis High School in Clovis, a medium-sized town in California's culturally conservative San Joaquin Valley.

The first requirement was that she produce a list naming other students who wanted to join the GSA, a significant hurdle in itself, given many students' confidentiality concerns.

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