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Youth Council Description:

The GSA Network Youth Council is a diverse group of youth leaders from GSAs all over California. As a member of the Youth Council, you will learn skills to become a stronger activist and work towards creating a safer climate at your school for LGBTQ youth and straight allies.

You will get support around mounting a campaign, event planning or starting a GSA club on your campus. In addition, Youth Council members are responsible for giving input and helping guide the programs of the GSA Network.

Under the guidance and mentorship of a region-specific Youth Organizer, Youth Council Members will learn how to conduct school-based campaigns for LGBTQ rights and educational justice.

Finally, Youth Council members will represent the needs of GSAs and youth activists from their geographic region as well as plan events and lead peer to peer workshops, leadership training, advocacy training and activist camps.


Youth Council meets once a month, generally early afternoon, either on Saturdays or Sundays. Meetings take place at GSA Network’s Oakland, Fresno and L.A. offices. Typically, Youth Council members who are also involved in planning and/or implementing other trainings and conferences may meet during additional weekend and weekdays as well.  Travel reimbursements are available for youth needing financial assistance to get to each meeting.  Snacks/food is typically provided.

As a member of the youth council, you will have monthly opportunities to:

  1. Network with youth from throughout your region.
  2. Get peer and staff support and feedback on your ongoing campaign, action or event.
  3. Give input on GSA Networks programs, policies and curriculum development.

In addition, you may have an opportunity to:

  1. Help plan and run a youth-led conference or present workshops at local conferences.
  2. Plan and participate in GSA Network social activities like Pride.
  3. Discuss emerging trends in the LGBTQ and greater social justice movement.
  4. Provide occasional technical assistance to other GSAs.

What are the requirements for members?

  1. Are you a student in a public, alternative or private middle or high school in California?
  2. Are you in a GSA, another diversity club focused on LGBTQ issues or working to start a GSA?
  3. Are you willing to commit to serving on the Youth Council for one year?
  4. Are you willing to prepare for and attend monthly meetings?
  5. Are you committed to creating change for LGBTQ youth and fighting homophobia and transphobia in schools?
  6. Do you want to develop and suggest ideas to strengthen GSA Network?
  7. Would you commit to launching at least one campaign on your campus during the current school year?
  8. Are you willing and able to identify needs of GSAs and youth organizers in your area, support other GSAs, and guide the direction of GSA Network activities and programs accordingly?
  9. Will you fill out the Youth Council application?

If you answered “YES” to all of the above questions, then you should definitely apply for Youth Council!