LGBTQ Visibility and Awareness

GSA Network’s LGBTQ Visibility & Awareness Campaign is often the first step in creating a safer school climate for LGBTQ students and straight allies. LGBTQ visibility on your campus means that the needs, concerns, and experiences of LGBTQ people are given adequate, genuine attention and space at your school. It also means that LGBTQ youth, teachers, and staff will begin to feel more safe to come out on campus.

More Visibility = Less Ignorance = Safer Schools

Are LGBTQ youth visible at your school?

If your answer is no, then launch GSA Network’s LGBTQ Visibility & Awareness Campaign.

Get your campaign started:

  1. Host a speak-out! Host an open mic where people come up and share their coming out stories. Try staging it in a high traffic area on your campus like the cafeteria during lunch or in the main quad.
  2. Take over class! Get your teacher’s permission to take over class and lead a discussion about equal rights, coming out, and/or LGBTQ issues at your school.
  3. Take over the media! Talk to the writers and editors of your school’s newspaper and get them to run an article about National Coming Out Day and what it’s like being out on your campus. Encourage students to submit their own coming out stories and get newspaper staff to agree to run the stories.
  4. Be the media! Create your own GSA club blog or zine and pass it out to other students at school.
  5. Create an on-air marathon! Collect stories, short articles, and poems about being an LGBTQ youth, and have students read them over the intercom during homeroom or between classes.
  6. Shake things up in health class. Help ensure everyone receives comprehensive sexual health education! It’s the law. Learn more.
  7. Promote LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum! It’s important for students to learn about the historical achievements and struggles of LGBTQ people. Doing so helps to erase invisibility. Learn how.