Start a GSA Network in Your State

If you want to start a GSA network in your state, we can help!

We’ve already helped the Sante Fe Mountain Center in New Mexico create the New Mexico GSA Network, which replicated our highly successful model of GSA organizing starting in 2005.

In 2008, GSA Network helped Out Youth in Austin, TX create the Texas GSA Network. They are still going strong with a growing number of GSA clubs.

GSA Network will help you start a GSA network in your state with the following components:

  • GSA Network’s Activist Curriculum, Resource Guides, and Year Start Guide
  • 1-week Intensive Staff Training
  • Staff and youth trainers for your first GSA Activist Camp, Youth Advocacy Day, or other major event
  • Ongoing weekly technical assistance
  • Development of a system to register and track GSA clubs in your state

What to Expect

The replication process typically takes 3 years, with the first year being a staff and technically intensive year, the second year as a support and continued training year, and the third year a consultation and update year. This model takes into account variables such as encountering resistance in your state, staff and youth turnover, and unforeseen organizational or economic challenges to arise and be resolved while still sustaining the network. Replication of the GSA Network model is provided on a fee-for-service basis. We are available to assist you in raising funds.

Learn More

For more information about starting a GSA network in your state, please contact or 415-552-4229.