The Northern California GSA Youth Council is one of three regional councils in California and is a year-long leadership program that requires regular attendance and commitment.

Youth Council members:

  • Build a network of support, lifelong friendships (or as we call it siblinghood)
  • Have fun exploring our identities and connecting to our culture
  • Learn leadership skills and strategies to start or strengthen your GSA and/or GSAs in your area
  • Have the opportunity to learn facilitation, training and organizing skills to lead workshops, events, and campaigns with other trans and queer youth.
  • Learn how to tell your story and use your voice to stand up for yourself and others
  • Receive monthly one-on-one check-ins to help you reach your leadership goals
  • Have access to additional leadership development opportunities and ongoing programs.
  • Are ambassadors of GSA Network and in the trans and queer youth movement!


  • Meetings happen once a month, generally on a Saturday in Downtown Oakland.
  • We require regular attendance and commitment. We offer transportation reimbursements for members needing financial assistance.
  • Lunch and snacks provided for all members

Youth Council Application
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Demographic Information

GSA Network strives for diversity in all aspects of our organization.  Please provide the following information about yourself:

Youth Council Application Questions

Next are a list of prompts/questions. Please review the questions carefully and do your best to write a clear and comprehensive answer. Remember there are no wrong answers.

One example: consider if you’ve ever been personally discriminated against or harassed from school administration or by your peers, based on your sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, or other identities you hold.