GSAN Board Member Tacy Prins Woodlief

Co-Secretary, Board of Directors

Tacy Prins Woodlief is an 18-year-old trans activist from Berkeley, California. They have been involved with GSA Network for five years. Over that time, they have participated in the Northern California Youth Council, and its United Core program. They have led conferences like the Youth Empowerment Summit and Activist Camp, building leadership skills as a youth trainer. they have also started a trans-focused club within their high school and helped to make the school a more welcoming place for trans students. As a member of the board, Tacy hopes to grow their knowledge about how nonprofits function, including finance and governance, and how the operational side of activism works. 

In their free time, Tacy loves to learn. They are interested in technology, computer science, and science, and how these topics intersect with the activist art that they love to create.