GSAN Board Member Malik Tran

Member, Board of Directors

M Tran is an Artist-Activist, poet, and facilitator born and raised in Alabama. She has been participating in GSAN programming since 2017; in that time she’s participated in GSAN gatherings, become a TRUTH program alumni, and been a board member since 2018.  M hopes to apply her love of building community/family and cultivating social gatherings to create warm and inventive organizing spaces. Her desire as a board member is to increase youth presence and capacity on the GSAN Board and increase her own organizational skills and leadership capacity as a youth board member.  

Outside of board work M is an avid music fan, lover of parties and part-time nerd. She is also a published author working to use her poetry to honor and uplift her communities, her dead, and explore the beauty of the worlds we live in through verse.