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Countdown to History


For California GSAs, January 1st doesn’t just mean a newYouth with CA State Sen. Leno year; it means a new era! That’s when the Fair, Accurate, Inclusive and Respectful (FAIR) Education Act goes into effect, requiring the inclusion of LGBT people and people with disabilities in social studies classes.

Researchers Prove GSAs Make It Better


GSA ActivistsYoung people and adults who spend time in middle and high schools know that Gay-Straight Alliance clubs make it better.

Spirit Day


Spirit DayTomorrow is Spirit Day -- a day for you to show your support for LGBT youth simply by wearing purple! GSA Network and the Make It Better Project are joining with GLAAD in asking you to wear purple tomorrow and take a public stand against the bullying of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth.

50,000 Strong



Earlier this week, we asked folks to make it better for LGBT and allied youth in Tennessee by signing this Change.org petition

National Safe Schools Day: Take Action in TN!


It's bad enough when principals try to block a Gay-Straight Alliance from forming in their school, but one principal in Tennessee allegedly took his hostility towards LGBT youth further: he verbally and physically assaulted a student for supporting a GSA club. 

This Semester, Make It Better!


Quick quiz: What are the first words that come to mind as you head back to school?  Backpacks, binders, bells… and bullying?

From Auburn to Yucca Valley...Schools Ready to Implement FAIR Education Act


You've probably heard something by now about the FAIR Education Act –  and, if you heard it from school administrators, teachers, or students, you might well have heard: "it's about time!" As recent local news stories across California show, the folks actually affected by the FAIR Education Act are ready and excited to follow the new law, signed by Governor Jerry Brown earlier this month, which will end the exclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender history from California’s classrooms. 

Javi goes to Washington: Mr. President, Will You Make It Better?


Meeting at the White House

It’s been a high-powered week for LGBT youth. The White House held a two-day LGBT Youth Summit, the first of its kind.  Secretary of Education Arne Duncan issued a “Dear Colleague” letter affirming official support for Gay-Straight Alliance clubs in schools and colleges. And GSA Network youth leader Javi Pinedo shook President Obama’s hand and asked him, face to face, to Make It Better. Twice.

The White House called & asked how they could Make It Better!


“White House on line one” isn’t a phrase most high school students would expect to hear.  But on the weekend of May 14 and 15, youth leaders from Gay-Straight Alliance Network got together for two White House Youth Roundtable discussions, and spoke directly to government officials about the issues most important to LGBT and allied youth.

White House Summit on Bullying


Hi everyone! I just arrived at GSA Network as the coordinator for the Make It Better Project. I’m so excited that, in my very first week, the White House held a summit to address bullying – with a focus on LGBT youth leaders, like our very own GSA Network Board Member and summit attendee Kimiko Nishitsuji! She’ll fill us in later with her own report, but for those impatient to make it better NOW, I wanted to give a quick (livestream) recap.


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