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Reaching the Summit


You hear a lot about our big conferences -- and for good reason! Over 700 people came to San Francisco for the incredible YES conference last month. The Central Valley's Expression Not Suppression (ENS) conference is coming up next month in Fresno.

GSAs and Safe, Healthy Communities


When Soul Shoppe asked GSA Network to lead a workshop at the Third Annual Substance Abuse & Violence Policy Conference in Ontario, we jumped at the opportunity. 

…and Proud of It: Celebrating Pride in LA


As the school year winds down, Pride month rolls in with enough sparkle, pizzazz, and enthusiasm for all.  On Sunday, June 10th, GSA Network  marched in the 42nd annual Pride Parade sponsored by Christopher Street West (CSW) along with over 300 youth, advisors, alumni, and supportive adult allies.  Flanked by Outstanding Youth Leader Award recipient Katy Butler and Connie Norman Spirit Award winner, LAUSD’s very own Steve Jimenez, GSA Network youth were in no short supply o

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