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Latinx History Month is Over, Keep Claiming Your Space


Growing up in El Salvador, I never celebrated Latinx History Month. There was no need. Being Latinx in a Latin American country means that you belong. You are seen and you are part of the life of that country. Your validity is not questioned.

Being Latinx and an immigrant in the U.S., however, can sometimes make you feel like you don’t belong, particularly in our current political climate. That’s why it is crucial for us to claim spaces where the contributions of Latinxs leaders and our community as a whole can be recognized, acknowledged, and uplifted. Celebrating Latinx History gives us an opportunity to highlight the legacy of artists, scientists, activists and countless anonymous heros/sheros from our community that don’t appear in any U.S. history book.

The Power of Youth Voice to Shift Policy


Watching dozens of LGBTQ+ students march on the steps of California’s Capitol to rally in favor of laws that will help keep them in schools and improve their access to education and healthcare is inspiring. Watching them succeed in having lawmakers hear their voice is powerful.

Reflections on My Weekend in Orlando


Rhina Ramos is the Director of California Programs at GSA Network. She is also an ordained minister and founder of the first Latino Immigrant Open and Affirming LGBTQ UCC congregation of Northern California, Ministerio Latino in Oakland, California. Trans and queer community leaders in Orlando asked Rhina to travel there last weekend to help community members process their grief and anger as well as help create a space for peace and understanding. Below is her account of her time in Orlando.

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