Adopt an Activist 2011

You can help send Logan, Kira, Hugo, Red, Javier, and dozens of other youth to lobby for change in Sacramento on April 4th at Queer Youth Advocacy Day! Adopt an Activist!


Logan Henderson

Logan, 15, is a sophomore from Southern California who wants to be a role model for other transgender youth who have been bullied. He is looking forward to gaining advocacy skills and conquering his fear of public speaking by telling his story to lawmakers and the media in Sacramento.  "I'm looking forward to this challenge. I know how beneficial it will be for me and my GSA."


 Kira Garcia

"At my school there is a lot of harassment and discrimination," says Kira, a fierce straight ally and GSA Vice President from Turlock. Kira wants to gain leadership skills so that she can make a difference at her school. "Everyone should have the right to be able to express themselves and feel proud of who they are without being harassed or discriminated against by other people. I want to learn ways to make my school safe for everyone."

Hugo Meza

Hugo recently founded the first GSA at Littlerock High School. "I’m so proud of myself because our gay, lesbian, bisexual, straight, and transgender students now have a place where they don't feel judged or discriminated against. I'm bringing the community and school closer and that makes me feel powerful." With his club up and running, Hugo is ready to travel 400 miles from his town in the Antelope Valley to connect with other GSA youth at Queer Youth Advocacy Day.

Red Ortiz Benitez

"I am founder and President of my school district's first GSA, the nerdy Vice President of the math and science club, and a certified theater geek. I have seen kids being bullied for their gender expression and heard teachers use anti-LGBT slurs in class, but regardless of the age, or power, of the bully, I jump to the defense." A senior from the San Bernardino area, Red is eager to attend Queer Youth Advocacy Day because, "I want to help pass bills that will directly help LGBT youth. California is a great state already, but I want to make it better."

Javier Pinedo

President of his GSA, Javier is excited to make the trip from his small town in the Central Valley to the State Capitol in Sacramento. It’s been a long road for Javier whose experiences with injustice have pushed him to the edge at times. "I do not want anyone to have to experience the things that I did. I am interested in participating in GAYLA because it would bring me another step closer to being able to impact another youth's life in a positive way. GAYLA will give me the tools to fight for what I believe to be right."

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