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Celebrate Intersex Awareness Day and Make Your GSA Intersex Friendly

Resource Sheet - How to Make Your GSA Intersex FriendlyOften when we talk about our clubs and our communities we unconsciously contribute to the invisibility of our intersex friends. GSA Network and Inter/Act Youth would like to invite you to join us in lifting up our intersex family this October 26th - Intersex Awareness Day.

This is a fantastic opportunity to take the first step toward ensuring that all members of our community have access to safe and supportive environments. And while setting aside and taking action to raise visibility on October 26th is a great step, we want to make sure we are able to continue down the path of inclusivity all year round

That is why we are proud to be launching a resource today called “How to Make Your GSA Intersex Friendly,” which we’ve developed with Inter/Act. Please use the opportunity today to bring visibility to the Intersex community and use this resource to start or continue incorporating intersex folks into your GSA everyday.


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