Campaign for a FAIR Education!

Check out our campaign guide to get LGBT-inclusive lessons in your school! Start with these steps:

1. Evaluate your education!

  • Be vocal about what you find out. Pay attention in your classes. Are your teachers teaching about the historical achievements of LGBTQ individuals and social movements? Ask questions and speak up if you think omissions are being made.
  • Californians: take the FAIR/unFAIR survey to rate your school!

2. Educate yourself. Talk with your GSA members and start teaching yourselves about LGBT and disability social movements and historical figures. Find resources here and get started with the GSA Presentation below!

3. Talk with your teachers and administrators. Offer resources and support. Your GSA can even help teach a class or speak at a staff meeting about California's new guidelines using the Administrator Presentation below.

4. Find out who makes curriculum decisions at your school.
You may need to target your efforts to Department Chairs, the Principal or the School Board.

5. Advocate for staff training on applying age and subject-specific LGBTQ-inclusive lessons.

6. Ask GSA Network for help.

GSA Presentation: 

Present this to your GSA! View the embedded presentation below on California's FAIR Education Act, or click here to copy and download the presentation (you might need to create a free Prezi account).

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