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Audit Will Hold Schools Accountable for Protecting All Students

Audit Requested to Hold Schools Accountable for Protecting All Students   

Legislators and LGBT Organizations Question School Districts' Compliance with Anti-Bullying Laws in California Schools  

UPDATE: Audit request approved in 9-4 bipartisan vote by Joint Legislative Audit Committee.


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Calif. lawmakers want to know if anti-bullying laws actually protect gay students

California lawmakers plan to request a state audit on how schools and local education agencies apply anti-bullying and harassment laws in response to recent incidents in which students were targeted for their sexual orientation.

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Distritos escolares avanzan en enseñanza de LGBT

SACRAMENTO.- Los distritos escolares de California se encuentran en distintas etapas de la implementación de una ley que obliga desde enero de este año a las escuelas públicas de California a enseñar a los estudiantes en las clases de ciencias sociales, la historia y aportaciones de la comunidad gay, lésbica, transexual y bisexual (LGBT).

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Gathering to Advance National Gay-Straight Alliance Movement


Youth Activists from 25 States Gather in Louisville, KY to Advance National Gay-Straight Alliance Movement

The 7th annual National Gathering of Gay-Straight Alliance Networks will focus on ending bullying and creating safe schools for all students

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Best of the Bay 2012: Best Superfriends

The "It Gets Better" campaign may get all a lot of press when it comes to encouraging queer teens to hang in there in the face of bullying and fear, and not succumb to depression. But there's an amazing organization that, for the past 14 years, has been working to empower teens to make it better right now.

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Why I Stay in School

Hallie is a seventeen-year-old GSA activist and student at the Haven Program at Peninsula High School. This piece was originally written for and posted on KQED's American Graduate blog.

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Anti-Bullying Advocates Call on Policymakers to End Overly Harsh Punishment of Bullies

Gay Straight Alliance, Racial Justice, and Education Advocates Call for an End to Criminalization of Bullying;

Twitter Town Hall, #bullychat, at 7 pm EST on Tuesday, June 26

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth empowerment groups and racial justice advocates today issued a white paper calling for education policymakers to reconsider harsh disciplinary responses to bullying. 

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REPORT: California Schools Safer With LGBT-Inclusive Curricula

A new study released last week by the Gay-Straight Alliance Network and the California Safe Schools Coalition (CSSC) examines the impact of LGBTQ-inclusive curricula on school climate. The results confirm that not only do inclusive curricula foster a safer environment, but the effect is amplified if the messages are supportive as opposed to “neutral/mixed” or not supportive. Not only did LGBTQ students feel safer, but they also performed better academically and felt more connected to the school, their teachers, and their future.

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LGBTQ-inclusive lessons improve school climate, research finds

A report released this week by Gay-Straight Alliance Network and the California Safe Schools Coalition (CSSC) provides new insight into the impact on individual students and school climate as a whole when different class lessons include lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people and issues.

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