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Make Your School Better Now through an Anti-Slur Campaign


Have you wondered what it takes to make your school safer and more accepting for LGBTQ students?

Has your GSA done the Day of Silence every year and the teachers in your school still don't stop students from using anti-LGBT slurs in class?

Are you out of ideas on how your GSA can educate other students on why it's such a problem to say, "That's so gay"?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need an Anti-Slur Campaign!

But wait, what's a campaign?   

Millions wear purple to stop bullying and prevent suicide


GSA Network Staff wore purple on Wednesday, October 20th as part of Spirit Day, a day to honor youth who have committed suicide after relentless anti-LGBT bullying at school. 

Youth share their thoughts on the Make It Better Project


"The Make It Better Project is a chance to do something about injustices in our schools. It's an opportunity to have a voice, to be known, to be understood, and to be accepted. It will NOT get better until we MAKE IT BETTER!" 
- Buddie Sims, Pomona, California

Make It Better Project Action Alert


In response to the tragic suicides by LGBT youth in recent weeks, GSA Network launched the Make It Better Project.  We are excited to tell you about the project and all the ways you can get involved to combat bullying and make schools safer for LGBT youth right now.

ACTION ALERT: Prevent Suicide - Make It Better NOW


LGBT youth should not have to suffer through bullying at school. We can Make It Better NOW! 

Columnist Dan Savage launched "It Gets Better," a video message in response to recent youth suicides to tell LGBT youth that life gets better after high school. 

Bullied to Death: GSA Activists Mourn Youth Suicides and Call for Action

Students and staff from Gay-Straight Alliance Network mourn the tragic death of 13-year-old Seth Walsh, who died yesterday after relentless anti-LGBT bullying at school drove him take his own life.  Officials at Jacobsen Middle School in Tehachapi, California failed to put a stop to the bullying.

Meet our awesome interns and learn how you can join them.



Since August we've had two amazing youth join us as interns. Meet Aaron and Isobel:

Building the National GSA Movement One State at a Time


For five years, GSA Network has been the leader and convener of the National Association of GSA Networks.  Each year we bring the members of the National Association together for a national summit aimed at strengthening the GSA movement across the country.  This year, we held the National Gathering in Providence, Rhode Island -- our first time meeting in the Northeast.  Our amazing local host organization was Youth Pride, Inc, an LGBTQ youth center in Providence that coordinates a statewide coalition of GSA clubs.